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ArchAngel II: Protecting police and the public

ArchAngel II disables the keyboard, trackpad, and touch screen on an officer's in-car computer when the vehicle reaches a predetermined speed. However, the call screen remains visible and active. ArchAngel II can help protect officers from accidents caused by distracted driving, and protect law enforcement agencies from potential lawsuits resulting from such accidents.

About ArchAngel II

Today's technology gives law enforcement amazing new tools to fight crime and protect public safety. But all progress comes with a price. The number and variety of devices in the modern police car help officers do their job more effectively, but can also distract them from the critical task of driving quickly and safely to respond to a call.

All over the country, campaigns are underway to combat texting and driving by the public to reduce the number of traffic accidents caused by distracted driving. Yet even though the array of electronic equipment in a police car is far more sophisticated, little attention has been given to accidents caused by officers momentarily distracted while working on the keyboard or touch screen of their computer.

The number of distracted driving accidents involving law enforcement officers has risen sharply in the past two years, and several jurisdictions are facing or have settled expensive lawsuits brought by members of the public injured in accidents caused by distracted law enforcement officers.

ArchAngel II is a unique new product that can help protect officers and reduce the likelihood of accidents and expensive lawsuits. The program disables the keyboard and touch screen feature of an in-car computer without shutting the computer down completely. Officers can still see vital information on the screen as they respond to a call.

  • The ArchAngel II system is patent pending technology designed to reduce or eliminate distracted driving in vehicles equipped with on board laptop computers.
  • The ArchAngel II system is easily installed in any vehicle with an on board laptop computer. Once installed the system prevents the operator from using the computer's keyboard or touch screen after the vehicle exceeds a speed threshold selected by the customer while still allowing the computer's screen to display information.
  • The ArchAngel II system can also be programmed to "blackout "the computer's screen after the vehicle has exceeded the customers selected speed threshold.
  • The ArchAngel II is completely tamperproof. If the system is disconnected from the computer the keyboard and touch screen become inoperable until the system is reconnected to the computer.
Technical Info for ArchAngel II
  • ArchAngel II uses an "OBD Processor" that plugs into the vehicle using the On-Board Diagnostic port, while the USB cable plugs into the computer. Our software continuously monitors the vehicle's speed through this processor. The OBD Processor will work with all vehicles 1996 or newer manufactured in the United States. The USB cable will also work if plugged in to a docking station.
  • Once a speed limit you determine has been reached, the computer goes on "lock-down" and limits the use of the keyboard/mouse/touch screen to your specifications. You determine what keystrokes and mouse clicks are allowed on a per Window basis. Any Window that the officer has opened will continue to update even when on lock-down. For Example, if a GPS Map is on the screen when the computer goes on lock-down, the GPS Map will continue to update as the officer travels even though he/she cannot interact with the map unless you explicitly give them permission to do so.
  • Our software works with Windows XP and Windows 7. We are currently testing it under Windows 8. Our software takes up very little CPU time and memory. It will not affect the computer's normal operation. It does not rely on Microsoft's .NET Framework. It is based on native Windows API calls. It is very flexible and very configurable. Seperate Windows can be locked down differently to your choosing.
  • It is also designed to be tamper-proof. Should the officer try and disable it in any way or there is a mechanical malfuntion of any component in the system, it will lock the computer down. The software will "error on the side of lock-down" for lack of a better term. Any software package can be stopped if the user has administrative rights to the computer. Our software is no different. You can press ctrl-alt-del, bring up the task manager and kill the program. You can delete the program files in the Program Files folder. There are many different ways. It is highly recommended that users not have administrative rights to their computers to prevent stopping the software.
  • We are aware several Departments need to use their computers outside of the squad car. This would normally disable the computer since it would no longer be connected to the vehicle's OBD system. To allow usage of a computer ouside the vehicle we have designed a "kill switch". It is a small USB thumb drive. When it is inserted in to the computer it will stop our lockdown software so the computer will be fully funtional outside of the squad car.

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