GSA Schedule 70 GS35F115BA & GSA Schedule 70 GS-35F-0143R CMAS # 3-15-70-3195A & CMAS # 3-15-70-3195B
G700SE Fully Rugged NotebookG700SE

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RICOH G700SE Rugged Digital Camera

The G700SE has all of the waterproof, dust resistance and shock resistance performance you would expect from a camera designed for use in harsh environments, but it now comes equipped with Bluetooth® and wireless LAN capability as standard. G700SE provides you with a complete Data and Geo imaging solution. It allows you to streamline the integration of information with images, increase workflow efficiency and improve the accuracy of information collected in the field. G700SE offers the capability to combine barcode scanning with digital imaging, integrate quality images into mapping software and embed GPS coordinates with images using the optional GPS module. Features such as Bluetooth®, WiFi and rugged construction provide additional convenience.
• Streamline workflow processes using the barcode-reading feature or by recording audio while you are taking a shot.
• Embed data with your images and transfer data seamlessly to your back-end Content Management System.
• Connect easily with Bluetooth® or WiFi capabilities using third-party wireless devices.
• Use the camera in all types of weather conditions. The camera’s waterproof and drop resistant protective case gives you peace of mind when working in the field.

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