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DHSIveda Solutions is the first and currently the only company, offering real-time IP video hosting and remote surveillance services with a SAFETY Act Designation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. SAFETY Act Designated since 2009.
Iveda Solutions is most passionate about espousing cloud-based video surveillance services that secure businesses and communities. We simplify customer experience, while reducing capital expenditure. Iveda Solutions built a solid organization, including an enterprise-class, cloud-based video hosting architecture, allowing scalability, flexibility, and centralized video management.

VEMO    Cloud-Based In-Vehicle Video Surveillance System

VEMOIVEMO™ from Iveda Solutions® is an in-vehicle video surveillance system enabled for IvedaOnBoard™. IvedaOnBoard is our mobile streaming video hosting service. Live and recorded video from vehicles are hosted in the cloud and centrally managed. Videos can be viewed in one dashboard, including a map-based user interface for tracking current location of vehicles using VEMO's GPS. VEMO and IvedaOnBoard are the first fully integrated in-vehicle surveillance system streaming live to the cloud. Iveda Solutions' many hosting services, including IvedaOnBoard, run on Sentir, our centralized video management platform optimized for cloud and inter-cloud infrastructure.
VEMO Data Sheet

IvedaOnBoard - In-Vehicle Mobile Video

On-The-Go Surveillance
With the Iveda Solutions real-time mobile video surveillance products and services you will be able to take our services onboard any moving vehicle to enhance safety, reduce risk, improve productivity and maximize profit, depending on your application, utilizing cellular data network. Take advantage of our untethered surveillance solutions wherever there is cellular data network coverage.
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Express Surveillance System (ESS)

The Express Surveillance System (ESS) is a self-contained wireless surveillance unit, equipped with "always on" network connection capability using an integrated cellular router. The camera is shipped pre-configured and ready for deployment on leading broadband cellular networks. All that is needed is a cellular data card. The ESS is portable and remotely accessible, thus well suited for applications that require temporary high-quality video surveillance, such as public safety, stake outs, and construction.
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IvedaXchange - Real-time Situational Awareness

Through a single dashboard service, IvedaXchange provides centralized management and access to key information in real time. IvedaXchange enables your organization to share vital information with law enforcement and emergency personnel regarding potential local and national threats, emergency situations, and critical company assets. IvedaXchange is powered by the TIES platform. TIES (Trusted Information Exchange Service) is currently being used by hundreds of enterprises around the world, including more than 20% of the Fortune 100, to monitor, manage and mitigate physical security risks. IvedaXchange Data Sheet


SafeCiti™ is Iveda Solutions' ultimate cloud video surveillancevalidator. SafeCiti is a complete cloud-based video surveillancesolution for citywide deployments. Only Iveda Solutions has theknow-how, experience, partnerships, and global resources todeploy a true safe city project that is reliable, centrally managed, scalable, and cost effective. IvedaSafeCiti Data Sheet


Through a single dashboard service, IvedaXchange enables school, law enforcement and emergency personnel to receive targeted emergency alerts, share key information on potential threats, and locate critical assets (students, buses, and schools) in real time. IvedaXchange provides centralized management and access to key information, enhancing situational awareness, crucial to preventing harm and damages from serious threats. IvedaSafeSchool Data Sheet


Any camera make, anywhere in the world, any video management software (VMS). One centralized camera management, one username/password
IvedaPinpoint is another cloud-video hosting innovation from Iveda Solutions, the pioneer in cloud video surveillance. If you are already a hosting or real-time video surveillance customer and you just want another simple way to access your cameras on the fly, using a mobile device , add IvedaPinpoint to your subscription. IvedaPinpoint Data Sheet

IvedaSentry - Live Remote Video Surveillance

IvedaSentry™ is an economical real-time remote surveillance service, which offers end users highly reliable video surveillance solutions with a low cost of ownership. Humans are actually watching cameras at any time customers specify to catch the bad guys in the act and alert first responders with actionable intelligence. These intervention specialists don't rely on an alarm being triggered to alert them that criminal activity is in progress, giving a proactive versus after-the-fact response.
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Xpress Video Surveillance

Obtaining a video surveillance solution for your home or business has never been easier. Utilizing Axis Communications' IP cameras, IvedaXpress is powerful, yet easy to set up and use.
A three step installation process makes this video surveillance solution a snap. It combines the performance of an enterprise class system with the simplicity of "Plug & Play" technology. From one camera at home to hundreds around the world, each camera can be accessed from one secure login from any Internet-enabled device; anywhere... IvedaXpress Data Sheet

IvedaEnterprise - Managed Video Hosting

A robust data center that is capable of hosting live and recorded video from IP-enabled security cameras allows instantaneous remote retrieval capability for video. Think of this as an off-site DVR solution. This capability enables Iveda Solutions to offer IvedaSentry™, real-time video surveillance, remote simultaneous video access, and data archiving services, specifically for security and compliance applications. Iveda Solutions hosts customers' video online, allowing multiple simultaneous users remote access via the Internet using a standard Web browser, with no degradation of quality. IvedaEnterprise Data Sheet

Zee Plug & Play Cameras
Z-2010 Z-2020 Z-2201-PT Z-2501 Z-2551

Zee™ cameras are enabled for IvedaXpressTM cloud-managed video hosting service. These are inexpensive, plug and play IP cameras. Especially designed with consumers and small businesses in mind, IvedaXpress eliminates the many hours of network setup and upkeep. With IvedaXpress, Zee cameras in numerous locations may be accessed on one online dashboard on virtually any Internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer, wherever you are in the world. Because Zee is hosted in the cloud, there is no video degradation regardless of the number of simultaneous users.
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"Turn your smartphone and tablet into mobile, cloud video streaming device"
IvedaMobile is a centralized video hosting service through the cloud using smartphones and tablets. You can quickly transform your smartphone or tablet into a video and audio transmitter, hosted on our cloud and broadcasted to multiple simultaneous users for both live and recorded audio and video access.
Deployment is easy. With IvedaMobile, you can also use your smartphone and tablet to capture live events and record for instant sharing. After signing up for service, simply download the free app to your phone or tablet, enter your username and password, and begin live mobile streaming.
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