GSA Schedule 70 GS35F115BA & GSA Schedule 70 GS-35F-0143R CMAS # 3-15-70-3195A & CMAS # 3-15-70-3195B
In Motion
In Motion Technology's onBoard™ System:
p In Vehicle Router – onBoard Mobile Gateway
p Management System – onBoard Mobility Manager
p Mobile Security – onBoard Connection Manager
The In Motion onBoard system is a secure, manageable mobile communications solution which creates a vehicle area network designed to support broadband applications in a mobile environment. It enables real-time and bulk data transfers and transports data for video, voice, vehicle location, mobile office and vehicle health monitoring. The system provides multiple device connectivity, end-to-end security, support for multiple networks and mobility management and comprises three key components:

In Vehicle Router – onBoard Mobile Gateway

In MotionIThe onBoard Mobile Gateway (oMG) creates a mobile branch office by providing a single platform that connects all your in-vehicle and mobile devices. Security and connectivity is handled by the Gateway, extending the usable life of equipment and eliminating the need for a dedicated modem and contract for every device. Connect to the best available network automatically – cellular, private IP and public or private Wi-Fi. But the oMG isn't just a router, it is also a server, hosting security, applications and caching data for faster access. Wired and wireless connections, including Bluetooth and a patented mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, provide standard connections for multiple workers and devices.

Management System – onBoard Mobility Manager

In MotionThe onBoard Mobility Manager (oMM) is a mobile network management system that enables organizations to manage their mobile networks the way they manage their corporate networks. Accessible from any browser, operations can securely manage the fleet, modify configurations, monitor network coverage and on-board assets with Wi-Fi tags, track vehicles, troubleshoot IT devices and more. Manage by exception with email alerts and real-time map views to identify resource utilization and optimize the true value of your mobile workforce.

Mobile Security – onBoard Connection Manager

In MotionThe onBoard Connection Manager (oCM) is a mobile-optimized VPN server, providing secure IP mobility and sub-second switching in a multi-network environment. The onBoard Connection Manager provides the fastest, simplest, most powerful way to create a VPN and is designed to work with In Motion's in-vehicle gateway and network management system.


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