Compact & Lightweight
Weighing in at less than 1 lb., the MX50's compact size and weight deliver unrestricted movement and versatility.

Power Efficiency Built-in
The MX50 is configured with the Intel® Atom™ x5 Processor. This new generation Atom™ processor is optimized for energy efficiency, but has a quad-core chip as well as Intel® HD graphics, so it can perform well, even with the most demanding graphic applications.

Operational performance can't suffer because you get wet. That's why we've designed the MX50 to be water resistant rated to IP67, so it can go where you do.

Secure Tactical Solution
We have collaborated with industry-leading partners Black Diamond Advanced Technology, ViaSat and Trivalent to provide a complete solution for the tactical operator, including power, communications, device management and NSA-approved file security. With its built-in military connector, the MX50 integrates into the Black Diamond APEx system for external power and communications. Available ViaSat Dynamic Defense software provides robust and flexible end-user policy management and device protection in both connected and disconnected modes. NSA-approved, Trivalent Data Protection software ensures that classified and sensitive data remain protected in the file system of the device.

The MX50 has been approved for U.S. Government use by the NSA under the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program. For customers who require Next Generation Data Protection™ to secure data-at-rest we can offer Trivalent's leading-edge software, Trivalent Protect™. Through a unique process of encryption, data shredding and secure storage, Trivalent ensures vital data is protected in real-time from unauthorized users.

Optimum Display
Big enough to share information and small enough to minimize weight, the MX50's 5.7" display is optimized for full spectrum tactical operations. The HD screen clearly displays even complex information, and the brightness can be increased to view in direct sunlight or dimmed to be used with night-vision goggles.

LumiBond® 2.0: Better, Brighter, Stronger
The MX50 uses our revolutionary LumiBond® 2.0 technology to achieve a display that is more readable and offers better contrast and more crisp colors than any other rugged tablet display. By bonding the display glass with the touch panel and LCD, we've created a single panel that is more durable, minimizes glare and improves readability. Four advanced touch modes (Touch/Rain, Glove or Pen mode, plus an optional Digitizer mode) enable you to interact with applications in any environment.

SnapBack Power
The MX50 is designed to integrate with the other elements of the soldier system, including tactical hubs and power management systems like the Black Diamond Advanced Technology APEx. However, if the device is required to operate independently for extended periods, then the SnapBack battery can be attached to increase operating time.

Flexible Mounting
The MX50 is fully interoperable out of the box with current and legacy soldier systems. The optional chestmount is designed to integrate with a standard issue MOLLE vest, providing handsfree carrying and ease of access.