• Intel Core™ i5 or Core i7 mobile processor
  • Removable, shock-mounted SATA HDD
  • Support for up to 8GB DRAM system memory
  • Excellent video processing capability
  • Accessible memory slot for memory upgrades
  • Internal PCIe minicard slot for expansion
  • Top mounted ExpressCard slot and USB connector for cellular broadband devices
  • Backlighted screen control buttons
  • Because the Tracer was designed for public safety, complete mounting solutions are available for all makes and models of police, fire, and EMS vehicles.
  • The Tracer supports all wireless connectivity options and can also be equipped with built-in Intel 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 or GPS.
  • An ExpressCard slot and USB port are both conveniently located on the top of the Tracer for cellular wireless cards, providing easy installation and positioning the internal antenna near the windshield and above the dashboard.
Display & Graphics

The display is enhanced for readability in bright conditions encountered inside vehicles. Even with a touch screen (standard on the Tracer), the display is daylight readable.

The LCD display and front panel LEDs are fully dimmable for night-time view or may be switched completely off for a covert approach to a scene, using convenient front-panel controls.

The Tracer is equipped with a high resolution XGA LCD display and Intel HD Graphics to support the latest mobile police software and allow smooth playback of videos.

The Tracer also has a DisplayPort video interface for digital or analog video output to an external monitor. This feature enables complete dual-screen functionality in the back of an ambulance or inside of a command vehicle without the need for a second computer.
Sealed Case Design

The Tracer T5 features an innovative thermal solution that uses a combination of passive and active cooling without allowing ingress of particulate. Fins on the back of the unit remove heat through convection while a self-contained heat dissipation chamber actively cools heat from the processor.

A thermal protection feature initiates an orderly shutdown when the computer is left on in a vehicle that is not air conditioned and subject to high sun load. Extreme low temperatures are handled by an optional severe-duty HDD or SSD.
Keyboard Features

The complete Tracer system (which includes Tracer computer, keyboard and mount) includes a unique keyboard designed specifically for in-vehicle mobile computing applications. The Tracer keyboard is backlit (red LEDs) for nighttime use, and like the Tracer, the keyboard is also easily dimmable and the backlighting can also be turned completely off.

The Patented Tracer Keyboard Features:
  • Mounted on a stable articulating arm, it can be positioned optimally for either the driver or passenger.
  • Includes a unique clip-on keyboard with easy one hand removal of the keyboard.
  • Keyboard can be mounted on the steering wheel for in-vehicle report writing.
  • Offers dimmable, backlit keys for night time operation.
  • Full travel keys (solid feel) with standard spacing.
  • Integrated Trackpad with right and left mouse buttons.
  • Sealed membrane prevents damage from moisture and spills.
  • Industries only key protection system.
Tracer Steering Wheel Mount

The integrated steering wheel mount is one of the most unique features of the Tracer system and has been patented by Datalux.

The keyboard can be easily removed from the mount with one hand using the clip-on mount, and can be mounted on the steering wheel using the steering wheel mount. This provides a stable platform for typing which avoids the twisting and turning required to use most other vehicle mounted computers, preventing back strain for the user.

The keyboard can also be quickly removed and replaced on the mount.