Situational Awareness is Mission Critical

We recommend "Sitch AI" for indoor Active Shooter solutions.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Autonomous Tracking
  • Shot Detection
  • Shooter Location
  • Command & Control
  • Scalability
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We don’t stop at only detecting the gunshot!

Active shooter detection is something we have to talk about. It’s nearly a daily occurrence in the US. Most education, government, hospital, and public buildings have little to no active shooter processes or detection capabilities in place. We believe detection and notification is only the first step. Stopping and apprehending a threat while protecting innocents are vital during these life or death situations. See how we can help protect and save lives with you today.

What Sitch Aware does:

  • No False Alarms
    Remove the risk of false alarms using state of the art sensors with artificial intelligence
  • Faster Response Times
    Enable first responders to get on scene sooner since they no longer have to wait for an emergency phone call
  • Identify & Track
    Ensure faster apprehension of threats and protection of bystanders by using multiple sensors for precise locating of shooters and innocents


  • Easy Setup
    IoT sensors that are plug and play with simple installation and calibration
  • Real Time Threat Detection
    Real time sensors and artificial intelligence detect threats immediately
  • On-premise Computation
    A more secure, reliable way to analyze the threat and provide faster notification and response time
  • Real Time Monitoring
    Sensors monitor for threats in real time so alerts are triggered only when needed
  • Cloud Managed
    Cloud managed platform supports reliable, scalable and flexible solutions
  • Real Time Analytics
    Leveraging state of the art computational methodologies to provide real time data

Sitch Ai Control Panel:

A single platform that brings together all of Sitch Ai’s IoT sensors and connected devices for centralized management.
The Sitch Ai Control Panel connects data from IoT sensors to capture a digital picture of the real world. Written on an open API platform, Sitch is designed to connect everything together, including information from SitchAware, SitchTrack, SitchVision, third party platforms and more.

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