Pinpoint Cloud-Based Platform for tracking IoT Trackers and Sensors


IvedaPinpoint centrally manages Bluetooth trackers and sensors and display them on a map for exact location. Trackers and sensors are small devices that can be placed on assets such as wheelchairs at hospitals, students at schools, workers at factories, patients at hospitals, and dementia patients at senior care facilities. These devices can track precise locations of assets or humans in real-time.

According to the American Hospital Association (AHA), in 2019 devices per hospital bed has increased to 15 and utilization of medical equipment averages only 42%. Oftentimes, mobile medical devices are not where caregivers need them. IvedaPinpoint can identify the exact location of every equipment with Iveda’s Bluetooth trackers on a map. An alert can be sent to appropriate individuals when an equipment is removed from an area or taken out of the building.

  • Hospital Equipment Tracking
  • School Attendance Checking
  • Dementia Patient Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring of Students, Patients, and Workers

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Real-time Temperature Tracking


At hospitals, Iveda’s TempPad sensors can be used to monitor patients’ temperature. This eliminates nurse’ visits to patients’ rooms for taking their temperature at all hours of the day, reducing the number of times patients are disturbed for taking their vitals. This also allows caregivers more time to do other tasks to provide higher quality patient care.


The Temp Pad can monitor temperature of workers and an alert can be sent to appropriate individuals at the organization when a certain high temperature is detected. IvedaPinpoint will show the exact location of the worker and where that worker has been, which is important in contact tracing.

IvedaPinpoint Components

Dual RF (WiFi and Bluetooth) Base Station
  • Small & Compact single-chip omni-antenna WiFi/ Bluetooth sensor gateway
  • WiFi (2.4Ghz) for connection to the cloud w/ Over-The-Air (OTA) feature
  • Ultra-Low Power, ideal for powering through cascade PoE cable
  • Tracking accuracy: 3m to 5m depending on the deployment and environment

Bluetooth Trackers and Sensors
  • Type 1&2 Trackers: Battery up to 18 months
  • Type 2+ Trackers (industrial-grade) up to 5 years
  • Bluetooth 5.0 + Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • IP55
  • Type 1: 35mm (1.38”) x 35mm (1.38”) x 9mm (0.35”); 8 gram
  • Type 2: 55mm (2.16”) x 55mm (2.16”) x 3mm (0.12”); 12 gram
  • TempPad: 28mm (1.10”) x 26mm (1.02”) x 3.5mm (0.14”)
  • iOS / Android Support
  • Compliance: FCC/NCC/JRF/CE/IC

IvedaPinpoint Platform
  • Based on AWS Cloud architecture
  • No physical or virtual machines and no OS to install
  • Very high flexibility, super scalable
  • Plug-n-Play Application Environment

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