Genuine Windows® 7 Operating System
Genuine Windows® 7 is the easiest, fastest, and most engaging version of Windows® yet. Better ways to find and manage files such as Jump Lists and improved taskbar previews help you speed through everyday tasks. Faster and more reliable performance means your PC works just the way you want it to. And great features like Windows Media Center and Windows Touch make new things possible. Get to know Windows® 7, and see how it can simplify just about everything you do with your PC. Windows® 7 Professional provides a powerful combination of innovation and improved performance, delivering a PC experience your customers want. Designed to meet the needs of small and midsize businesses, Windows® 7 Professional is fast, reliable, and compatible. You can also connect to company networks effortlessly and more securely with Domain Join. Combined with all the exciting entertainment features of Windows® 7 Home Premium, it's a great choice for home and for business.

Bluetooth Wireless
The integrated Bluetooth feature provides wireless connectivity for wireless devices at close proximity. For example, Bluetooth can be used to wirelessly transfer/ synchronize data to and from different devices such as PDAs and cellular phones. It also communicates with peripherals such as mice, keyboards, and printers wirelessly, minimizing the constraints and clutter of cables. The typical transfer distance for a Bluetooth device is up to 30 feet. Designed to take advantage of a typical workspace or PAN (Personal Area Network), the purpose of Bluetooth is to simplify the exchange of information and interfacing of devices within a close proximity. When considering Bluetooth devices keep in mind that the system as well as the individual devices must support Bluetooth.

Fujitsu offers a built-in biometric fingerprint swipe sensor that eliminates the need for managing multiple passwords when accessing the network and managing email accounts and other protected systems. With a simple swipe of the finger, you can quickly and safely log onto the protected system and online accounts without having to enter passwords.

Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
The embedded TPM 1.2 protects digital identification and data, and authenticates you into your network. It also allows you to securely store private keys and certificates for file and folder encryption, Web, email, digital signature, and passwords. Trusted Platform Module (TPM) solutions can help play a strong role in assuring compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect medical records, as well as Graham-Leech-Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other regulations that impose privacy and security requirements.

Dedicated Smart Card
A dedicated Smart Card slot, allows you to store passwords and other confidential information on a small plastic card. Smart Cards are extremely convenient and are widely used in employee badges in large enterprises and in government — especially the Department of Defense. They can also be used in conjunction with TPM and the biometric fingerprint sensor for multi-level user authentication.

Computrace BIOS-enabled models
Integrated Computrace® BIOS tracking agent from Absolute Software embedded in the BIOS firmware is designed to provide innovative theft recovery solutions with optional Computrace software. Employing Computrace software solutions allows organizations to efficiently monitor system use, recover stolen or missing machines, and remotely delete data, if necessary. Computrace software solutions also provides the added value of proactively enforcing computer data security policies across the entire organization, increasing both end-user and administrator productivity.

Quality and Reliability
The tight interaction between Fujitsu design, engineering, manufacturing and service support creates some of the highest quality products offered in the PC market. In a time when most PCs are assembled by third-party vendors, Fujitsu takes pride in its own world-class design and manufacturing capabilities.

USB 2.0
This technology lets you easily connect your notebook to digital peripherals. This version is 40 times faster than its predecessor version USB 1.1, and is downward compatible. USB 1.1 is appropriate for devices such as keyboards and joysticks, but if you have data-intensive devices such as external hard drives or external optical drives, USB 2.0 is the preferred interface.

The High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port is a digital audio/video interface over which uncompressed streams can be transmitted. This port is used to connect compatible digital devices with your computer (such as large-screen HDTVs).

Fujitsu Touch Launcher
Fujitsu Touch Launcher is a handy on-screen method for quickly launching commonly-used applications and performing Internet tasks. Depending upon your operating environment, the launcher will either be in Launcher Mode or Internet Mode. In Launcher Mode, certain Windows® actions can be performed such as Print and Close Window. Additional buttons can be programmed to launch additional applications that you select. In Internet Mode, the Touch Launcher can be used to perform common Internet tasks, such as Back, Open Tab, Close Tab, Favorites, and Snipping. Additionally, you can customize the launcher buttons to launch whichever applications you choose. Unlike many similar on-screen taskbars, the Touch Launcher is simple to use and is located unobtrusively on your desktop. The Touch Launcher can be downloaded from the Fujitsu Support website and is currently designed for Windows® 7 systems.