4G LTE Network Solutions for First Responders

  • First responders need always-on networks to protect & serve communities

    Cradlepoint LTE solutions provide first responder teams with secure and reliable connectivity to FirstNet and other nationwide public safety networks. Ready to connect and serve, Cradlepoint provides a portfolio of rugged and reliable wireless router solutions for in-vehicle, station, and IoT connectivity—helping teams stay safer, respond faster, and perform better.
  • Ensure Mission-Critical In-Vehicle Connectivity

    Cradlepoint's highly ruggedized, software-defined routing platforms keep your first responder fleet's mission-critical in-vehicle applications connected — no matter where the day may take you. Download this solution brief to learn more about the features of Cradlepoint solutions for in-vehicle connectivity and how first responder organizations can build a better network with less management, complexity, and man-hours.
  • Fire departments need rugged & proven solutions that can take the heat

    Precision GPS and telematics integration enable a wide range of location-based applications, such as Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), asset tracking with geofencing, and vehicle performance data. Firefighters rely on Cradlepoint to remotely access blueprints and maps, gain an aerial view of the scene via drones, and keep engine companies coordinated.
  • Reliable & secure solutions that keep officers connected anywhere

    Always-on connectivity—in vehicles, command centers, and on-scene—is essential for law enforcement agencies to perform at their best. Cradlepoint's secure and reliable wireless router solutions keep officers connected to the people, data, and things they rely on and ready to face whatever challenges that come their way safely and effectively.
  • Fast & reliable connections allow EMS to respond quickly without skipping a beat

    When an emergency strikes, connecting with the right medical professionals at the right time is a matter of life and death for EMS teams. Whether on scene or en route, EMTs rely on Cradlepoint's fast and reliable mobile router solutions to video conference with doctors and specialists and constantly stream patient vitals to awaiting teams, all without skipping a beat.
  • First Responders Trust Cradlepoint Infographic

    Whether in the field or in the station, first responders need to remain connected at all times so they can keep their communities safe. More than 2,000 public safety organizations across the U.S. leverage Cradlepoint solutions for access to mission-critical LTE networks in vehicles, mobile command centers, surveillance cameras, incident response teams, body-worn devices, and more.

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