• Joy Factory Tablet Mounting System

    Joy Factory Tablet Mounting System

    The MagConnect mounting system is built to help bridge the gap between your tablet and the environment you utilize it. Each mount is designed with a unique mount base to work in a variety of permanently fixed or temporary settings for both flat and round surfaces and across various industries.
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  • Briefcase


    The world's first Full Shielding Faraday Briefcase that encompasses all of our patented technology discretely embedded inside this stylish, sleek and durable real leather bag. Instantly enhance your daily privacy, security and valuable data.
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  • Cage Duals

    Cage Duals

    The Faraday Cage Dual Collection instantly enhances your daily privacy, security and valuable data. Made of top grain cow leather with our internal patented radio frequency (RF) Faraday cage, we offer your device the most valuable physical and wireless protection. The collection features a unique two Faraday pouch design with zipper and wristlet.
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  • Laptop Sleeve

    Laptop Sleeve

    The Faraday Laptop Sleeve will instantly enhance your daily privacy, security and valuable data stored on your computer. Made of durable woven nylon with our internal patented radio frequency (RF) Faraday cage, we offer your device the most valuable physical and wireless protection. This sleeve is a soft case for when you want to be undetectable, untraceable and unhackable.
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  • 1022TSH 10.1

    1022TSH 10.1" Touchscreen Monitor

    Introduction of a 10.1" LED LCD display with a brightness rating of 1,000NIT. The high brightness of this monitor makes it ideal for outdoor applications under direct sunlight, as well as any other applications where a bright, non-reflective display may be effective.
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  • 1029CNH IP65 Touchscreen Monitor

    1029CNH IP65 Touchscreen Monitor

    The 1029CNH offers all of the innovation and inputs as our 1020 series models along with a Capacitive touchscreen panel. Capacitive sensing provides a more responsive touch interface than resistive touch. It achieves this by using the capacitance of human skin to detect the proximity or position of the input.
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  • iKey Rugged Keyboard IK-TR-88-911-TP

    iKey Rugged Keyboard IK-TR-88-911-TP

    Designed to fit into existing mobile mounting systems, iKey's new Transformer Keyboard has built-in high-speed USB hubs and modular options to accommodate multiple custom configurations, making this the ideal all-in-one, on-the-go solution.
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  • 12

    12" XGA Rugged Touch Display AGD-312D

    12.1" XGA (1024 x 768) TFT LCD Display; IP65 Aluminum Die Cast Front Bezel; Supports 5-Wire Resistive Touch Screen; Easy-To-Maintain: Two Front USB Ports
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  • 1200TS 12.1

    1200TS 12.1" Touchscreen Monitor

    Need a portable touchscreen display? Don't have enough room for a big bulky 15"? If that's the case, then take a look at this' 12.1" LED LCD Touchscreen display with VGA and DVI Inputs. This display offers you the convenience of a touchscreen at a space-saving size.
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  • Rugged Mobile Printer

    Rugged Mobile Printer

    From warehouse floors to parking lots, there are no printers more durable than the QL series and RW series. The QL series and RW series of direct thermal printers has been designed with the most advanced technology in rubberized over-molding to maintain rugged construction.
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  • Vehicle Computer Mounts

    Vehicle Computer Mounts

    The vehicle mounts by Jotto Desk have a unique nylon coated aircraft cable system that holds the laptop securely in place on top of six foam shock pads. These shock pads allow for airflow between the laptop and tray and provide a non-skid surface for extra security.
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  • PocketJet 6 Printer

    PocketJet 6 Printer

    The PocketJet 6 mobile printers, with 200 dpi resolution, provide a high-quality output while helping to lower the cost of mobile printing. The PocketJet 6 comes with integrated USB 2.0 and IrDA interfaces, and an optional Bluetooth technology interface is available.
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