GSA Schedule 70 GS35F115BA & GSA Schedule 70 GS-35F-0143R CMAS # 3-15-70-3195A & CMAS # 3-15-70-3195B

Mobility_XEMobility XE is a software-only Mobile Virtual Private Network (Mobile VPN) that provides secure, continuous remote access to network resources and applications from mobile devices over any wired or wireless IP-based network. Industry-leading Mobility XE enables organizations to maximize the productivity and management of their worldwide mobile workforces, deliver flexible remote access, and safeguard the security of their data and networks and using Mobile Network Access Control (NAC). Unlike traditional IPSec and SSL VPNs that do not perform well in mobile and wireless environments, Mobility XE was built from the ground up to address the unique challenges associated with mobility—such as wireless security, coverage gaps, application session persistance and performance.

WindImage Software
Wind Image™ for ArcMap ® provides you with a very robust set of image integration tools that allow you to process images inside of ESRI ArcMap ® Software. With Wind Image™ you can process images that have GPS data embedded in the images EXIF header in addition you can edit any image and enter the coordinates where the image was taken. When processing images Wind Image™ provides you with more output options for ESRI software than any other product on the market. You can create simple SHP files or Feature Classes with the images hyperlinked or robust image datasets where the images are embedded in the feature class and all images are stored within the Geodatabase.

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