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NetMotion Mobility XE
Award-winning, Best-in-class Mobile VPN
Mobility XE is a software-only Mobile Virtual Private Network (Mobile VPN) that provides secure, continuous remote access to network resources and applications from mobile devices over any wired or wireless IP-based network. Industry-leading Mobility XE enables organizations to maximize the productivity and management of their worldwide mobile workforces, deliver flexible remote access, and safeguard the security of their data and networks and using Mobile Network Access Control (NAC). Unlike traditional IPSec and SSL VPNs that do not perform well in mobile and wireless environments, Mobility XE was built from the ground up to address the unique challenges associated with mobility — such as wireless security, coverage gaps, application session persistence and performance.
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Orange County Sheriff’s Department

Peel Regional Police Department

Orlando Public Safety


Mobility XE Provides:

  • Standards-based Security
  • True Application Session Persistence
  • Wireless Performance Optimization
  • Inter Network Roaming
  • Mobile Network Access Control (NAC)
  • Centralized Management
  • Analytics and Reporting

— all in a scalable solution that deploys quickly, and is simple to use and maintain. These factors make Mobility XE an ideal solution for truly mobile workers who require secure, continuous connectivity to networks, applications and information over a variety of networks.

Mobility XE secures network access and all data transmissions subject to stringent regulatory standards. Leveraging strong, standards-based authentication and encryption technologies makes tight security easy to manage and maintain. Single sign-on and Inter Network Roaming capabilities make security transparent to the end user; workers only need to log in once, for the duration of their session. There are no additional steps or passwords to remember, no matter how many different networks they use. The VPN tunnel encrypts all data transmitted to guard against eavesdropping.

Seamless Connectivity
Mobility XE's Inter Network Roaming capability lets mobile workers change networks seamlessly, transparently and securely—without having to think about their network connections or needing to re-authenticate. Mobility XE's Inter Network Roaming is tightly integrated with network applications and single sign-on authentication so that users have application session persistence and do not have to re-login when they traverse networks, go in and out of network range, or suspend and resume their devices.

Application Persistence
No other VPN can match Mobility XE’s Application Session Persistence — its ability to sustain application sessions even through suspend-and-resume cycles and loss of connectivity. Other VPNs in these situations lose application sessions—causing data loss and corruption, and forcing users to re-login and restart applications.

Optimized Performance
Mobility XE’s Wireless WAN Optimization automatically reduces network consumption and improves throughput and application responsiveness, particularly over bandwidth-constrained or wireless networks. For example, Mobility XE automatically roams to a WLAN connection the moment it becomes available—resulting in greater productivity, improved efficiency and reduced WAN expenses.

Policy Management
For a mobile VPN deployment, the optional Mobility XE Policy Management Module gives administrators unprecedented flexibility and control over mobile productivity and security. With Policy Management, administrators can create custom policies to manage access to network resources. Conditions and actions can be combined to help control WWAN costs, bandwidth usage and user experience according to your organization’s security policies. Basic block, allow, disconnect or pass-through actions can be assigned to parameters such as network interface speed, network name, IP address, date and time, OS version, and application name. Policies are centrally maintained in the Mobility XE server and automatically pushed out to mobile devices in the field. Policy enforcement is transparent to the user and can be modified for an individual, work group or entire organization.

Network Access Control
Mobility XE’s Mobile Network Access Control (NAC) Module allows devices to connect to the enterprise network only after meeting specified security policies, but gives administrators greater control and flexibility over how and when to administer remediation policies. Mobile NAC typically deploys in minutes without any need to reconfigure network infrastructure. A NAC wizard makes it easy to configure and enforce access security policies.

Analytics and Reporting
The unique Mobility XE Analytics Module delivers visibility into resource use and performance that is simply unavailable in other VPNs. The Analytics Module delivers more than 20 reports with statistics on performance and usage, furnishing insight and intelligence on the networks and applications used by mobile workers. Know how devices and bandwidth are being used, which applications are being run, and where and when mobile workers might be encountering coverage problems.

Mobility XE transitions quickly and easily from a pilot deployment with a few clients to a production installation supporting thousands of mobile workers. A single Mobility XE server can support up to 1,500 concurrently connected devices. Up to 12 servers (with two acting as backups to provide fail over) can be "pooled" to automatically provide load-balancing, fail over and redundancy—creating a highly reliable system with no single point of failure. A Mobility XE server pool can scale to support up to 15,000 concurrently connected mobile devices or up to 35,000 mobile workers.

Ease of Use
Award-winning Mobility XE is a software-only solution that helps minimize costs and complexity. It is simple to deploy, highly scalable and easy to maintain. And, its use is transparent to end users—no user configuration or training required. The Mobility XE architecture is comprised of server and client software. The Mobility XE server software can be installed on a server behind the firewall or in the DMZ. Lightweight Mobility XE client software is installed on each mobile device (client)—any combination of laptops and handheld devices including tablets, pocket PCs and smart phones.


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